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Jain's Cow Urine Therapy has been shown in multiple studies to effectively reduce the suffering of patients in advanced stages of cancer.

World Record achievement by Jain's Cow Urine Therapy

Aims to Help Stop Growth and Spread of Cancer Cells

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Results and testimonial

"A study conducted on 150 male and 100 female patients who were suffering from different types of cancer resulted in about 73.3 percent relief in sufferings. There life expectancy increased and quality of life improved significantly."

- Medical Review #

The clinical studies have shown that our products help get relief from the following diseases:
Breast Cancer, Cervical/ Cervix Cancer, Ovarian Cancer, Blood Cancer CLL, ALL and CML, Leukemia, Lymphoma, Multiple Myeloma, Bone Cancer, Oral Cancer, Mouth Cancer, Tongue Cancer, Thyroid Cancer, Throat Cancer, Larynx Cancer, Brain Cancer, Brain Tumor, Colorectal Cancer, Esophageal Cancer, Skin Cancer, Stomach Cancer, Prostate Cancer, Renal Cell Carcinoma, Kidney Cancer, Sarcoma, Submucous fibrosis, Urinary Bladder Cancer, Prostate Cancer, Kidney Cancer, Hepatocellular Carcinoma, Liver Cancer, Soft Tissue Sarcoma, Blastoma, Anal Cancer, Capillary Haemangioma, Gall Bladder Cancer, Hodgkin's Lymphoma, Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma etc. The results varies on patient condition and cannot be guaranteed.

Science behind our treatment


Each herbal extract used in our products have been researched and re-established to have anti cancer pharmacological activities as per the modern science by Central Council for Research in Ayurvedic Science, Government of India.
Several studies have been conducted on these herbals proving there efficacy in treatment of cancer and Cow Urine has been researched and patented for its ability to improve efficacy and absorption of anti cancer drugs of modern medicine (allopathy) and herbal extracts.


Pharmacological Activities

  • Anti-tumor, Antioxidant, Analgesic, Anti bacterial.
  • Help reduce inflammation, pain and fever.
  • Protect cells against the effects of free radicals that damage body cells.
  • Anti-spasmodic qualities: Help suppress involuntary contraction of muscles and organs.
  • Act as stress busters.
  • Act as an Immunostimulator, which helps boost the immune system.

US Patent #6410059

Cow Urine is scientifically proven to enhance the anti-microbial effects of antibiotic and anti-fungal agents. The invention relates to a novel use of cow urine as activity enhancer and availability facilitator for bioactive molecules, including anti-infective agents.
The invention has direct implication in drastically reducing the dosage of antibiotics, drugs and anti-infective agent while increasing the efficiency of absorption of bioactive molecules, thereby reducing the cost of treatment and also the side-effects due to toxicity.


US Patents #6896907, #7235262

Use of bioactive fraction from cow urine as a bio-enhancer of anti-infective, anti-cancer agents and nutrient.
The invention relates to a novel pharmaceutical composition comprising an effective amount of bioactive fraction from cow urine as a bioavailability facilitator and pharmaceutically acceptable additives selected from anticancer compounds, antibiotics, drugs, therapeutic and nutraceutic agents, ions and similar molecules which are targeted to the living systems.



  • Q: Can this treatment be taken with chemotherapy ?
  • A: Yes, it has received U.S. patent for enhancing the properties of cancer drugs. It is also proved by taking this therapy along with chemotherapy, helps reducing the chemotherapy side effects significantly.
  • Q: Third and Fourth Stage cancer patients life may be extended by 1-2 years by allopathy, can this treatment extend the life of patients?
  • A: This treatment not only increases life of cancer patients, but also helps in escaping from unbearable anguish and improves quality of Life. The results varies on patient condition and cannot be guaranteed.
  • Q: Are there any side effects of this therapy?
  • A: No, because the medicine is completely natural and is made from cow urine and pure herbal extracts there are no side effects.
  • Q: Can other Ayurvedic / Homeopathic treatment can be taken?
  • A: You can, but not necessary because our therapy includes 100-150 different types of herbs.
  • Q: Does the hemoglobin increases by this treatment?
  • A: Yes, it also increases hemoglobin.
  • Q: Does it increase hunger?
  • A: Yes, it helps in increasing appetite.
  • Q: Does it prevent weight reduction?
  • A: Yes, it helps in preventing weight reduction and may help in increasing the weight also.
  • Q: Is this treatment expensive than allopathy treatment?
  • A: No.
  • Q: Can this treatment be taken at home?
  • A: Yes, the treatment can be taken at home, no need to be admitted in hospital. It saves hospital costs and other hassles.
  • Q: Does the patient need to visit the Indore Center first or can get treatment on the basis of reports at home?
  • A: The patient does not need to come to the Indore center, the patient's reports may be emailed/faxed along with symptoms and complaints. Consultation can be given by phone or email. Patient family member can also choose to visit the center with patient reports and other details, based on which appropriate treatment will be suggested.
  • Q: If the patient wants to visit the Indore center, what are the timings?
  • A: All days except holidays and Sundays between 10 am to 6 pm.
  • Q: Does Jain's Cow Urine Therapy give treatment for all types of cancers?
  • A: Yes.
  • Q: Apart from First and Second Stage patients, can a last stage patient be treated with this therapy?
  • A: Yes.

1 million+ patients have been treated by Cow Urine Therapy in last two decades

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